‘Outstanding, interesting books, that are good to handle and read -that leave a satisfying feeling after you read them’.

Andalus Press is a small imprint, based in Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 2008, we operate out of a nineteenth century building, replete with fine heritage details, but using twenty-first techniques and software.
Our continuing aim is to produce illustrated books, entertaining and informative, on a variety of topics encompassing history, heritage and culture.
Our house style is: richly illustrated books, supplemented by strong, clear and well-written text.
We put in time and dedication into: books that are decidedly non-academic, but accessible. Accuracy; selection of outstanding and striking images; preparation of images and finally, fine full colour printing on good paper.
Our reviews and feedback have been tremendous. Some examples:

‘There is only one word to describe this book, stunning. The book is a beautiful work in its own right. The text is elegant, subtle and powerful’.

‘The photos are fantastic. They are the author’s own and you can feel both his love and knowledge of his subject in them’.

‘This book is a gem, with an amazing economy in both visual and textual style which only adds to the impact of the content.

Author and historian Michael B. Barry was born in Ireland and studied engineering and economics at Trinity College, Dublin. He has lived in Africa and the Middle East. He has worked as a consultant on transportation projects both in Ireland and around the world, including – in the Middle East – World Bank projects in the Gulf region. With a strong interest in history and heritage, Michael has written several books including Across Deep Waters, Bridges of Ireland; Through the Cities, the Revolution in Light Rail. His recent books include Homage to al-Andalus and Victorian Dublin Revealed. An accomplished photographer, he has contributed to journals and has appeared on radio and television. He lives in Dublin and is a frequent visitor to Spain.