Published by Andalus Press.
192 pages, full colour.
Over 300 photographs.
Paperback: ISBN 97809560383-3-3;
eBook: ISBN 97809560383-8-8



by Michael B. Barry

During the 63 years of Victoria’s reign, Dublin simmered with religious and political tensions. The city developed into a curious mixture of impoverished central areas and comfortable middle-class leafy suburbs. This era spanned the peak of the industrial revolution and the rise of the railway and steamship. During that time, the city’s shape and the pattern of life changed enormously.

Many people in Dublin live or work in Victorian buildings. Yet few realise the full extent of the outstanding heritage of that time that still exists here, a legacy more remarkable than in many other cities of that time. Michael Barry’s striking photographs capture the essence of that period.

This is Dublin as you have never seen it. The surprising wealth of Victorian buildings throughout the city, including those hidden from the public gaze, is revealed here. Skilfully interwoven with these illustrations is the story of that important many-faceted era, being the formative years in which were created the foundations of the modern city.

The Victorian era in Dublin has not been fully appreciated or understood. Now the story of this remarkable time is revealed in a clear and accessible style. This book is essential for all who are interested in this absorbing part of Ireland’s history and heritage.

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